How to Test Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Standard with Confidence Using 6 Simple Hacks

Every top-selling welding helmet companies claim that their product is the best in the market. A conscious welding professional doesn’t become a fool with their fancy promises. Welding-helmet is trendy nowadays. No one can deny its necessity that the best welding helmet provides security for eyes, neck, head from the harmful rays coming from welding. If your helmet isn’t working correctly, it can be dangerous for your health issue.

We are here to recommend six ultimate hacks about how to test the auto darkening welding helmet. After reading this, I guarantee you will be able to experiment with full confidence to get the finest ones in the market.

Case Study

Scenario-1: Mr. John wants to do some welding works at his house. The result is too small that he wants to do it on his own. He bought a new auto-darkening welding helmet. But he has no clue about its functionality. He searched over the internet but found no article that can help him.

Scenario-2: Mr. Jacob is a professional welding worker. He knew all the pros and cons of buying a standard quality welding helmet. He bought a good one from the market. When he was working, he didn’t teste the helmet properly. Suddenly welding helmet stopped working. An unwanted flash of Ultra-Violet rays has fallen on his eyes. This has caused a harmful effect on his eyes.


How to Test Auto Darkening Welding Helmet?

Analyzing the two cases mentioned above, we learn two things. Either you are a hobby welder or a professional welder, you must test your auto-darkening welding helmet before every time you start to work. Let me suggest one thing if you don’t care about safety, and you can be wounded up incredibly bad.

There are several ways to test the auto-darkening welding helmet. Some easy, cool hacks will be mentioned here. Put your eyes on the bottom.

Outdoor Sun Test

This is just about the smartest method of analyzing a helmet. Just put your helmet and head out in a cozy place. Glare directly towards sunlight and find out the way the lenses of the helmet respond.

If the lens color extends to a dim manner, it suggests that the helmet is working correctly. By comparison, when the lens is unreactive and does not darken, you need to look at replacing the helmet. Besides, you can set on the welding helmet should you prefer to learn about welding. After that, go outside and get to a comfortable stage. Glance to sunlight and watch the lenses of the helmet respond. Your lenses should darken and stay dim some occasionally also if you

You’ve read easy steps about the best way best to examine the auto darkening welding helmet. Now it’s time to execute these measures.

Strike an Arc/Cigarette Lighter to Test Reaction Speed

If you’re pretty sure your helmet will operate, you can hit an arc and begin to weld.  Your welding hood must immediately become dim, and it needs to be comfortable that you appear at the welding pool right. If everything is right, the light in the arc should not be too bright, so you could see where you’re welding. When you stop welding, you need to observe the change in your helmet’s color levels.

Just as your helmet may change to the dim mode when subjected to an arc does not mean it the very best. It would be best if you also looked at the response rate. Ordinarily, a percentage of 1/25,000 moment is generally regarded as the reaction period, and anything more significant than that is sub-par.

Use Variable Lens and Test Darkening Performance

Among the first things you need to do to ascertain how to check the auto-darkening welding helmet would be to review unique lenses.  Since welders are famous for utilizing different tactics and procedures, it’s necessary that the welding helmets include lenses that are created with flexible capabilities.

 For example, today’s helmets are created out of lenses, which range from 9 to 13 degrees, which is ideal for small to large industrial jobs. Each of the metal needs different kinds of processing, together with a distinct AMP range.

Additionally, the welder must deal with specific sorts of alloys.  And you have to select something which has a distinct variable color of the lens.

The lens of this helmet has a lot of variable colors; you need to correct the filter of this lens to various brightness levels.

Additionally, the crucial aim is to make sure the ideal visibility so you are able to view everything in detail.

Test Power Source  for Welding Helmet

Test Power Source are Easily Adjustable

There are several methods of powering an auto darkening welding helmet. They are:

  • Replaceable Battery
  • Non-replaceable Battery
  • Solar Powered

I recommend using a replaceable battery with solar power system for better longevity. Test the power source properly and recheck the battery is working properly.

Check Industry Standard

An auto-darkening welding helmet ought to stay industry standard.  When we buy a helmet, we all ought to remember the variable. Not every welding helmet meets the criteria. The auto-darkening welding helmet should need ANSI Z87.1-2003 criteria.  Every auto-darkening welding helmet comprises:

  • It needs to be complete UV protection. 
  • Sustain effect in case something strikes the helmet. 
  • It must maintain temperature depending upon the environment ranging from the 23 degrees F to 131 degrees.

Test UV Protection by Using TV Remote

Auto-darkening helmets block greater than UV rays and the IR light, which is when a TV remote comes in handy. If your helmet works correctly, it must instantly change to a dim manner. When it is not responsive, it might indicate a problem with all the helmet’s sensitivity, and you ought to think about placing it as large as you can. It is vital to make sure that your remote functions on the IR sign. Differently, maybe it does not work for different indications. For example, if your remote only sends pulsed alerts, your helmet will probably flicker.

Test Auto Darkening Feature on Regular Basis

Before you begin with your welding job, you should check if your welding helmet will still work correctly.  Why?  Well, there are numerous reasons why it might have stopped functioning.

Test Battery Charge 

With no energy, your best auto darkening welding helmet won’t do the job. So, perhaps you’ve got a solar-powered welding helmet that protects the batteries.  Whenever you haven’t used your helmet for some time, it might be required to set the helmet out for 15 minutes before the batteries have been recharged.  From time to time, welding helmets have been cable.  Twist it on and control it. Cells possess a limited life. It’s not unusual that you need to replace the batteries after some time fully.

Test Damaged sensor and Shade

When the helmet’s light detector is dirty or damaged, it won’t observe the arc along with your helmet won’t change to the dark manner. It might be that your ADF color isn’t functioning anymore.  In cases like this, you’ll require a replacement.

Last Line

Now, you have read all the hacks to test an auto-darkening helmet. Regardless of what kind or brand of helmet you use, it’s vital that you understand how to try an auto-darkening welding helmet before working together. I would advise you to utilize the striker method as this is a way welding helmet provider operates on trade shows frequently.

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